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Creating our Circles

Purpose: Participants will have a clear role and know what that role entails on an individual level, circle level, and community level.**

Trainer's Notes

Trainer's Powerpoint

Creating a Village Together

Purpose:To absorb training participants into the Village and begin working as the Village


Español: Guion de Entrenador

Español: Presentación de Powerpoint para Entrenadores


  • Before the training: Practicing the module and preparing materials
  • In the training: Deciding next steps for the village and forming circles


  1. Review Trainer's Notes and Powerpoint Presentation
  2. Watch the Training Video
  3. Practice the module 2-3 times before the Training for Trainers
  4. Training for Trainers
  5. Prepare all materials for the module
  6. Present the module in the training!

Power Point Presentation

Roles when preparing for a Mass Training

Logistic Circle Roles (Samples):

  • Training location coordinator
  • Food Coordinator
  • Donations Coordinator
  • Rides Coordinator
  • Baby sitter Coordinator
  • Materials Coordinator
  • Merchandise Coordinator

Training Circle Roles (Samples):

  • Host
  • Trainer for X Module
  • Trainer for Y Module
  • Trainer for Z Module

Recruitment Circle Roles (Samples):

  • Church Outreach Coordinator
  • Social Media Outreach Coordinator
  • College Outreach Coordinator
  • High School Outreach Coordinator
  • Flea Market Outreach Coordinator

Please note: All circles will still have the main roles of Coordinator, Messenger, Facilitator and Coordinator. Therefore, some people will hold two roles. A main role, and a secondary role.

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