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The Power of Our Coordination

Harvesters can do anything as long as it follows the principles & strategy

Autonomy: “do anything”

Principles: #1) Monkey see, monkey do #3) There is no cover for this party: 3-activist rule #4) We don’t dance with political parties: our target is the people #13) This swarm needs all its bees: we all have different callings and roles that we want to take on

Other examples: Start your own Cosecha group (village, social media, seeder, etc.) Create your own local campaigns Create Cosecha art

Unity: “follows the principles & strategy”

Principles: #2) We’re all a family. #4) We don’t dance with political parties: our target is the people. #5) Our weapon is non-cooperation. #6) Our shield is nonviolence. #7) The soil of our harvest is respect and reciprocity. #13) This swarm needs all its bees: This movement will take all of us.

Other examples: Advice Process Theory of change Cosecha logo (brand)

Advice process:

“Any person can make any decision after seeking advice from 1) everyone who will be meaningfully affected, and 2) people with expertise in the matter. No colleague, whatever their importance, can tell a decision-maker what to decide.” It is not about building consensus.


  1. Someone notices a problem or opportunity, takes initiative and may seek input
  2. The initiator makes a proposal, and seeks advice from those affected or those with expertise
  3. Taking this advice into account, the initiator decides on an action, and informs those who have given advice.

Co-creativity: “I will listen to others, understand the real need in what they say, and think creatively about an elegant solution”

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