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The Eagle - Backbone

Hey team, welcome to the backbone, our purpose is to raise the resources needed for Cosecha to keep growing. Here you can find the notes for our calls:

Our Teams

We currently have 3 teams happening:

Grants and Donors: the purpose of this team is to look for friendly funder that wont control us but support us. If you know any foundation that you think we should contact please message xxxxx

Cosecha Store: Contact person x for

Finances - the purpose of our team is to

Our Documents

Here you can find basic loggings

Here are sample documents that you might need

How We Communicate with Each Other

Make sure to join our Telegram chats, where we communicate with each other.

National Fundraising Circle - https://telegram.me/joinchat/D0EbFwhcTV7C6djQUKYgUw

Cosecha Store and Merchandise - https://telegram.me/joinchat/D0EbFweo6nSmTPGZdk72BA

Get more info

If you need access to legal documents, contact….

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