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House Fundraisers

Fiestas de casa (Click aqui para Espanol)

Why house fundraisers?

House fundraising parties are a great way to raise money outside of your networks and expand your reach. These parties are different from your own village or volunteer organizer parties because they are hosted by a Friend of Cosecha (or ally of the movement.) They require minimal effort for the volunteer organizers or village members because they draw on the host’s networks, not yours. They are fun and social, and you get to talk about Cosecha to new people!

How do I set them up?

  1. The first step is to think of who to ask to be a host. Who are people that aren’t necessarily part of the villages but have shown a lot of love and support for Cosecha? Who has signed up to be monthly sustainers? Who has consistently come to your actions or events? Who has reached out to you in excitement over Cosecha? These are great people to ask. It’s good to try asking several people because some might not be able to, and it’s good to be direct about what you are asking them. People appreciate a concrete opportunity to support the movement and they appreciate it when you are clear about your needs.
  2. The next step is for the host to pick a date for the party and invite their friends and family through a Facebook event, emails, and phone calls. Support them in making a list and following up with their invites. It sometimes is not enough to just put out a Facebook event, and they might need to extend individual invitations. You can be helpful in writing up a blurb for them about Cosecha so they have language with which to talk about Cosecha in the invitations. The invitations should be explicit that guests will be learning about Cosecha and will be invited to make a donation.
  3. The third step is to coordinate food with your host. What will you be serving? Snacks? A meal? A great way to connect more with your host is to help him/her make the food.

What do I need to bring?

  1. A computer with easy access to 1-time donation and monthly sustainer links. You can set these up through Action Network.
  2. Cosecha merchandise to sell. Keep track of what you sell!
  3. Sign-in sheet. If you are creating a list serve for your village, it is important to include folks who have donated or heard about Cosecha. If you continue to keep them in the loop, they may want to continue supporting.
  4. Cosecha FAQ’s (Example from Cosecha MA)

How do I make the ask?

Have a dialogue about what is Cosecha:

  • Why is Cosecha needed at this moment? Share personal stories about why you became a volunteer organizer or village member. Explain the urgency of the current political, social, economic climate around immigrants (i.e. Trump, raids, DAPA fail, workplace abuse, etc)
  • What is Cosecha and why is it different from other immigrant rights movements? Share about the 4-phase strategy
  • Pass out the Cosecha FAQ document here and pamphlet !

Why do we need money and how much:

  • Present your budget. How much money do you need each month? How many monthly sustainers do you currently have?
  • If you are raising money for a Volunteer Organizer House, explain the purpose of the house and how it supports the movement
  • Set a collective fundraising goal! “Tonight we would like to walk away from this party having together raised $500.” To determine the goal, think about how many people attend and what is their giving capacity.
  • Have your host talk about why he/she supports Cosecha. Seeing someone else give motivates others to give as well.

How do I follow up?

  1. Send your host a thank you note!
  2. Send a thank you email to everyone who came with an electronic version of the FAQ and the pamphlet here. This way, they can share information about Cosecha with their own networks and even invite folks to donate
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