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 +====== Get to work in Cosecha ======
 +**<color red>​Cosecha is working toward massive civil resistance and non-cooperation in order to win permanent protection, dignity and respect for our people. We seek to dramatically change public opinion in this country on the question of migrant rights, and show this country it depends on us. </​color>​**
 +<box> **Principle 3: There is no cover for this party.** You don’t need permission to participate in this movement. This becomes a reality when we see how our “3-activist rule” works. The rule says that when 3 people decide to become activists in Harvest, they can form a circle and get full support from the movement. We make our own decisions in our circles and we choose to participate in the activities of the movement that we feel most excited about. We can party together as long as we follow the principles of our Harvest. There is no dress code for this party. Our movement needs musicians, artists, dancers, creatives, mothers, daughters, workers, street-intellectuals,​ poets, academics, students, etc. We encourage risk-taking because the diversity of our creativity will help us find the most effective strategies, tools, actions, and virilization of our movement. Promotion for actions. attraction for trainings and absorption for unity. </​box>​
 +We use telegram to communicate you can download it here https://​web.telegram.org
 +===== We are currently working on the following campaigns: =====
 +==== Sanctuary Campaign: ====
 +**<color red>The purpose of this campaign is to have public space of resistance and protection for the migrant community. </​color>​**
 +If you want to support, please reach:
 +  * For Sanctuary Campus, join the telegram group:​https://​telegram.me/​joinchat/​D9NY5wgGsCVRX3ZsbxgnsA - coordinator is Thais Marquez at [email protected]
 +  * For Sanctuary Churches, join the telegram group: https://​telegram.me/​joinchat/​BSrKQwp9r5iP2FOTxLV9Mw - coordinator is Emily Bloch at [email protected] ​
 +  * For Allies (CosechAllies),​ join the telegram group:​https://​telegram.me/​joinchat/​CpGGMglp5V7K1ZCOba8xUA - coordinator is Arielle Clynes at [email protected] ​
 +==== Migrant Boycott Campaign: ====
 +**<color red>The purpose of this campaign is create break the anti-immigrant consensus that has solidify after Trump victory. We are preparing by collecting 100,000 pledge of people ready to boycott and use their consumer power. This will all us to target the broad public thought many companies, so that those people can realize that deporting migrant is not that easy, that there is cost to the economy, that there is an interdependence among us. </​color>​**
 +If you want to support this campaign please join the following telegram: https://​telegram.me/​joinchat/​C2E1ognP5m2tUQmbP_ND-A
 +Our coordinator is Roberto Juarez at [email protected]
 +===== Our Support groups: =====
 +**We have many support groups that are supporting our campaigns and organization,​ like communications,​ art, logistics, etc. All those groups have coordinators,​ below is their purpose and how to communicate with them. If you want to start your own group, as long as you have 3 people and follow the cosecha principles you can start. There are more instructions below**
 +  * **<color /#​FFff00>​Communications</​color>​** - purpose is to get the Cosecha campaigns and main message out through traditional media and social media. Join them at https://​telegram.me/​joinchat/​D0EbFwqcOhH6yryqJ-YSfQ
 +  * **<color /#​FFff00>​Cosecha international support</​color>​** - purpose is to collect resources and support from organization across the world to stand in solidarity with the migrant community in the US. The telegram is https://​telegram.me/​joinchat/​CpGGMglKaYHBZf0MDonY8g and the coordinator is Tatiana Garavito at [email protected]
 +  * **<color /#​FFff00>​Merchandise </​color>​**- purpose is to coordinate(order,​ inventory,​sales) the materials needs of the Cosecha store(t-shirts,​ hoodies,​etc) the telegram is https://​telegram.me/​joinchat/​D0EbFweo6nSmTPGZdk72BA and the coordinator is Arielle Clynes at [email protected] ​
 +  * **<color /#​FFff00>​Funding Support</​color>​** - purpose is to help Cosecha get financial resources by getting money from private donors, Cosecha doesn'​t dance with political parties and won't take resources that will inhibit our strategy and work. Get in contact with Carlos Saavedra at [email protected] ​
 +  * **<color /#​FFff00>​Grassroots Fundraising Support</​color>​** - purpose is to coordinate events and house meeting to collect money for cosecha campaigns - get in touch with Phoebe Gardener at [email protected]
 +  * **<color /#​FFff00>​Promotional Materials </​color>​**- purpose of the group is to design promotional visual materials (posters, flyer, videos , etc) - join at this telegram https://​telegram.me/​joinchat/​Dx472AixuBrE8OqumbP8-A
 +  * **<color /#​FFff00>​Cosecha Website and Data</​color>​** to support our multiple website and collection of data, join at tg://​join?​invite=CpGGMgmIt7C0QTYxxsez7A
 +  * **<color /#​FFff00>​Training Team</​color>​** the purpose of this team is to coordinate training and train people in migrant communities,​ college campuses, high school. Pretty exciting team. Coordinators are Rodrigo Saavedra and Phoebe Gardener ([email protected])
 +  * **<color /#​FFff00>​Cosecharte</​color>​** - team in charge of recruiting artists and developing art for Cosecha, join the telegram [[ https://​telegram.me/​joinchat/​CuREZAjLBFkDWd2qUZ6ZbQ |here]] Nataly castano at [email protected] ​
 +  * **<color /#​FFff00>​CosechAllies</​color>​** - the purpose of the team is to recruit and coordinate allies of the migrant community to put their bodies and organizations on the line for us. https://​telegram.me/​joinchat/​CpGGMglp5V7K1ZCOba8xUA ​
 +  * **<color /#​FFff00>​CosechaFe </​color>​**- the purpose of this team is bring people of faith into the work of Cosecha - you can join the telegram group [[https://​telegram.me/​joinchat/​CpGGMglp5V7K1ZCOba8xUA|here]] and the main coordinator is Emily Bloch at [email protected]
 +  * **<color /#​FFff00>​National Finances team</​color>​** - the purpose of this team is coordinate the accounting for the national cosecha budget, please reach out Phoebe Gardener, who coordinates this team. 
 +  * **<color /#​FFff00>​National Assembly January</​color>​**- the purpose of this team is to put the agenda and logistics for the coming january national assembly, where 150+ cosecha leaders from across the country will be coming together. Please contact Fhatima Paulino at [email protected]
 +  * **<color /#​FFff00>​Legal Support</​color>​** - the purpose of this team is to support people that are in deportation proceedings and for [email protected] that are taking direct action and need legal support. Please contact Brenda Valladares at [email protected]
 +===== Find Other Cosecha Villages =====
 +[[https://​drive.google.com/​open?​id=169p66t-6VZbQSma8QLoILxiS4go&​usp=sharing|Mapa de Pueblos [email protected]]]
 +===== More support: =====
 +  * Training support - want a training? - filled out this form here 
 +  * Volunteer Organizer- want to become a full time volunteer organizer with Cosecha? Want to join the team if full time fighter for the migrant community? - fill out the application and reach out to Juan Pablo at [email protected]
 +===== Collaboration =====
 +Want to collaborate for Cosecha - are you an organization that wants to work with us?
 +If you are working with students, faith groups, unions, please contact our main point people ​
 +  * **<color blue/​lightgrey>​Student or Educational Organizations</​color>​** Contact Thais Marques at [email protected]
 +  * **<color blue/​lightgrey>​Faith Organizations</​color>​** - Contact Carlos Rojas at [email protected]
 +  * **<color blue/​lightgrey>​Labor Unions</​color>​** - contact Carlos Saavedra at [email protected]
 +  * **<color blue/​lightgrey>​Dreamer Groups</​color>​** - Maria Fernanda Cabello at [email protected]
 +  * **<color blue/​lightgrey>​Deportation Defense groups</​color>​** - Vera Parra at [email protected]
 +  * **<color blue/​lightgrey>​Community Based Organizations</​color>​** - Carlos Rojas at [email protected]
 +===== Every group must have:=====
 +  * Clear roles including; (remember: If you don't have a role, you are not part of the organization)
 +  - Coordinator (in charge of keeping track of task committed by the group) //Remember principle 1, we lead by inspiring and suggesting, never by commanding.// ​
 +  - Facilitator (in charge of facilitating people through making decision about what to do) //Remember principle 2, we are all a family// ​
 +  - Messenger (in charge of reporting to coordination telegram group around progress, needs and supports) https://​telegram.me/​joinchat/​D0EbFwcu7NxuflLucgApxg ​
 +  * Remember to 1)Hold your role 2) Every role is fluid and you change it
 +  * A communication channel (use telegram to set it up) 
 +  * Read the [[cosecha:​principles|Cosecha principles]] and agree to them
 +  * If anyone break the Cosecha principles, they will be giving a warning, after 2nd warning person will be taken out of the group  //We won't tolerate people being disrespectful to each other//
 +  * We make decisions autonomously on our group, we use the [[decisionmaking|advice process]] to check in with other group if we feel our decision will affect other people, we don't use consensus, if 3 people want to do something and it fits with the grand strategy and principles, you are good to go. Remember, we are always more powerful when we can bring more people together. ​
 +  * Every group can reach to our list of 10 people that are in charge of conflict resolution. ​
 +===== To start a new group: =====
 +  * Follow principle 1 - you only need 3 people once you see a need. 
 +  * Start a communication group over telegram ​
 +  * Choose roles(below and more) and create a google doc with task that you are doing and meeting notes. ​
 +  - Coordinator (in charge of keeping track of task committed by the group)
 +  - Facilitator (in charge of facilitating people through making decision about what to do)
 +  - Messenger (in charge of reporting to coordination telegram group around progress, needs and supports) https://​telegram.me/​joinchat/​D0EbFwcu7NxuflLucgApxg ​
 +  * Make sure meetings include the following topics
 +  - Objectives (what are we trying to achieve?)
 +  - Brainstorming & Commitment (what are ideas about how to get there?)
 +  - Task list & Deadlines - (let's make a list of everything we need to do)
 +  - Roles - (who is charge of which task?)
 +  - Appreciations - (lets thank each other)
 +  * Send the name, purpose of your team and roles to the coordination telegram, so it can be added to our list. https://​telegram.me/​joinchat/​D0EbFwcu7NxuflLucgApxg ​
 +===== To grow and get support =====
 +  * Every group and individual in a group must learning, we follow the apprenticeship model, so when you give your role away to someone else make sure you follow the apprenticeship steps.  ​
 +  - I do. You watch. We talk. 
 +  - I do. You help. We talk. 
 +  - You do. I help. We talk. 
 +  - You do. I watch. We talk. 
 +  - You do. Someone else watches. ​
 +  * If you need any support please communicate it to the broader [[Cosecha Network group on telegram]][[https://​telegram.me/​joinchat/​D0EbFz9xFNL1-joVfVXtkA]] ​
 +  * If you want to donate materials to the materials need list
 +  * If you need a coach or support on anything, please share the following message on the cosecha network telegram “Hello my name is ____ and i need coaching on the following _____ (running an action, running a meeting, creating a plan, etc)
 +  * If you have some experience in running actions, meetings, communications,​ art or any other skills, please fill out the following coaching form, so we can register your skills. ​
 +===== Coming together as Villages =====
 +//When we come together as village we follow the following guidelines://​
 +  * Once we have groups that are between 20-40 people(we call this a community) you must choose a coordinator,​ facilitator and messenger for that community as whole
 +  * When you have a group of 100-150 people(a village), you must organize yourselves as communities (20-40 people) select the roles of coordinator,​ facilitator and messenger, all those roles from those communities must be meeting in village coordination meeting to support the work of everyone else. 
 +  * When we split up a village into multiple working group, we make sure that male identify people are the majority of logistical, secretarial jobs, to make sure that we don't replicate gender roles around labor in our movement. ​
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