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Sell Merchandise at a Local Event

Step 1: Fill out the Merchandise Order Form

Fill out this form to let us know what items you want at least 2 weeks before your event so the Cosecha Store Team can send you merchandise.

Step 2: Download the PayPal Here App

Make sure that the people who will be selling merchandise have downloaded the PayPal Here App on their phone. Download it for Android or iPhone/iPad. This is the way the Cosecha Accounting Team keeps track of sales. You can select whether people paid with cash, or check. You can also purchase a PayPal Card Reader to charge people with a credit or debit card.

Step 3: Set up the PayPal Here App

Log in to the PayPal Here App with your Village User ID and password. Village IDs are the name of your village in 1 word (for example, CosechaNewJersey, CosechaHomestead, CosechaSouthBay). Ask your village guide for the password if you have forgotten.

Step 4: Making the Sale

Steps for charging a customer and inputing the sale using PayPal Here:

  1. Click the bottom right checklist option to select an item from the catalog.
  2. Select the item that the customer wants to buy.
  3. Choose the right quantity and size.
  4. Click “Charge” to charge with a card, check, or cash. Select the right option.
  5. Ask the customer if they want a receipt and click the right option.

Note: If you are selling items not in the catalog, you can input the price directly using the bottom left option.

The money will go to the Cosecha National PayPal Account if using a card. This money will be sent back to your village through a PayPal Transfer. The cash and checks are for your village to keep. If your village does not have a bank account, contact Phoebe to cash your check into the Cosecha National Bank Account and the money will be transferred back to you using PayPal.

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